Steve Cook’s Fireside Lanes Parties

No event is exactly the same or held for the same reason, that’s why we have a dedicated Event Coordinator to plan and execute your special outing.  Our Event Planner, Trish, has been in the industry for many years and has planned and hosted numerous events.  Everything from the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s Bowl for the Cure Fundraiser all the way down in size to a small child’s birthday party.

We customize every package to meet your needs, just give Trish a call and let her know what you’re budget is and she will develop a package that exceeds your expectations.

For more information or to book your event use the form on this page or call  916-725-2101 and ask for Trish.

Tips for a great kid’s birthday party!

Q: What will the parents need to do?

A: As little or much as you like. Our team at Steve Cook's Fireside Lanes is here to make sure your special day is truly special!

Q: What about shoes and bowling balls?

A: Shoe rental & house bowling balls are included in your party package. We have lightweight balls and shoes to fit everyone.

Q: What should we bring?

A: Bring a birthday cake (and a smile) and we will take it from there. Oh, make sure your phone is charged up so you can grab lots of pictures for sharing on social media!

Q: Will little kids be able to knock down pins?

A: YES! At Steve Cook's Fireside Lanes we have bumpers to keep the ball on the lane so everyone will have FUN!

Are you ready to host your child’s best birthday party ever?